“manthan”.. The word we are familiar of.

I am not talking about that sagar manthan which happend between “deva” and “asura”.

Its the manthan of our own thoughts .

Some says to listen your mind and some belevies in listening their heart. Sometimes we come at a position in our life when we are blank to take a decision.

This manthan of thoughts.. Like.. What is right? What shall i do now?? What’s the solution?? ….. And like such thousand thoughts keep haunting your mind.

For such situations, keep your eyes close.. Meditate within.. And calculate the goods and bads of evry thought… You’ll get the direction.

Its neither the mind who’ll guide you nor the heart.

Its we ourselves who are guiding the heart and mind.

Don’t listen what they say… Rather..

Make them know what you want. 🙂


When the holy water refreshes you within


(Trip to Haridwar)

“Jai maa Ganga”

These words were on my lips when i got up in the morning. I woke up with a refreshing smile and a powerful sole energising me within.

“hey, its my day”

“One more to my bucket list”

Yes, it was really my day. I mean who the damn wakes up at 05’o clock in the morning. But, i did it dude. After all it was about to see the “GANGA AARTI” and not only to roam in Haridwar.

Packing travel bag is same like unpacking it 😝 , too much messy.

I did it a night before.

So, next day i just got ready and took a bus for Haridwar. It was a five hour journey. The view out of my window was making me more and more eager to reach “Har-ki-paudi”.

Finally I reached Haridwar, took a hotel , got fresh, had some food and took out my most comfortable slippers. I knew that its a small city which would b covered on foot, i mean you can find the local transports but the beauty of this city can only be captured by walking through small streets.

Finally, it was 06:00 pm,

And yes, it was the time of “Ganga Aarti”

Our hindu preists holding “Diyas” in their hand along with the bell tolls confess “Maa Ganga” that we human beings are her children and we could wash our “Karmas” with this holy water.

One mother has given birth to us and one mother will take us away from this “Sansaar”.

“Sansaar” – The combination of bad souls and good souls.

This holy water will dissolve our bad deeds and will way our souls to “Swarga”